Case Studies - Value for Money

Blueprint Apartments, South London

Utility costs – market analysis


MLM Property retender all their utility supplies via dedicated specialist utility brokers annually. 

We pool all our utilities together where possible to generate large buying power to help drive prices down to create maximum bulk discount to leaseholders. 

100% of this lower charge is passed on to the leaseholder.  MLM Property Management do not take additional fees for this service.

We will review all the utility contracts for all new instructions in case savings can be made or a change of contract to better terms can be made, sometime, mid contract without penalty.

MLM objected to water charges at Blueprint as these could not be substantiated by the water company and VAT was being charged at 20% not 5%. 

We pursued the point with the water company and after a 2 year battle, the water company agreed that they could not independently verify the charged made and agreed to write off 7 years of water charge and refund payments made resulting in a refund of more than £40,000.  New meters were installed correctly and VAT charged at the appropriate rate going forward.

We have numerous cases of where MLM have made a substantial difference to bills and charging from utility companies as part of our review process.