Estate Management London

Creating Collaborative Communities

MLM Property Management manages many estates of leasehold and freehold houses situated in and around London, the home counties, regionally and nationally. Whilst the number of service charge heads of expenditure are smaller than in blocks of flats, their scope is often broader. There are also particular challenges often associated with Estate Management not found in block management.

Key Components for Effective Estate Management

As an example, our largest Estate Management instruction is a town in Gosport in Hampshire. Our remit for this town, is to manage:
  • 21 miles of pavement
  • Communal gardens and public realm spaces
  • Street lighting
  • Schools, shops and other amenities
  • Security
  • Provide financial services (similar to a typical service for a block of flats)
  • Creating harmonious communities
  • Working closely with the active formal resident’s association
Some of the key components and considerations of good estate management are detailed below:

Estate Management Security

Estates of houses tend to be open, large communal areas and roadways which can be subject to crime. In order to mitigate crime on these estates, we review:
  • Lighting – particularly for dark and secluded areas
  • Work closely with local PCO officers and the police
  • Set up neighbourhood watch schemes
  • Deploy other crime prevention techniques as required for the nuances of the estate
  • Regular communication and engagement with customers

Roadway Maintenance and Managing Communal Spaces

The day to day management of estates require management of the roadways, pathways and open spaces often including children’s playground spaces and hard and soft landscaping. The main challenges include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Issues of ownership and clarification around roads being adopted by the council
  • Managing non adopted areas
  • Trip hazards, broken pavements etc.
  • Regular management of trees, communal landscaped areas and fencing
  • Management of play areas including risk assessments

Building Communities

Part of our remit is to facilitate a sense of community into the heart of our managed estates.
We achieve this through:

  • Excellent communication via our Customer Charter
  • Encouraging collaborative communication utilising PropTech via our Residents portal
  • Creative and community initiatives – in other schemes this has included: arranging live theatre productions within the open development spaces, summer barbeques, winter parties, Halloween pumpkin carving, Santa’s Grotto, Chinese New Year cultural celebration, engaging with local schools to cultivate a city garden etc.


Our commitment to providing sustainable developments is extended to our Estates. We provide inclusive, safe, well run, thriving and environmentally sensitive estates that include:

  • Composting
  • Recycling facilities and initiatives
  • Community involvement through garden clubs
  • Energy-saving lighting renewal

For more information about our estate management services in London & Home Counties, please feel free to get in touch.